We know and understand sexual abuse because we have been providing prevention programs for more than 24 years. Using what we know about the factors that contribute to sexual abuse, we implement programs that stop abuse from happening in the first place.

We provide affordable and effective treatment services in cooperation with allied professionals who are involved in a client’s treatment plan. Our staff provides specialized evaluation and treatment services and have specialized credentials in psychology, clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, and group therapy.

Vision / Mission
Project Pathfinder envisions a world free of sexual violence and abuse. Our mission is to provide psychotherapy, consultation, research, training, and education in a way that prevents sexual violence and abuse, protects community interests, and improves the lives of clients, families, and the community at large.

Project Pathfinder started as an adult sexual behavior treatment program at HealthEast in 1989, and incorporated as an independent nonprofit agency in 1992. Today, PPI is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Minnesota that provides a full spectrum of prevention programming, including community education, as well as treatment of sexual offenders in order to assist them in recognizing and addressing unhealthy behaviors so they learn to live honorable and decent lives.