Philosophy of Treatment

Our philosophy is that sexually abusive behavior is treatable and preventable.

Project Pathfinder is the only nonprofit organization in Minnesota that focuses on the entire continuum of sexual abuse prevention. We teach adults how to intervene to stop abuse before it happens and treat harmful sexual behaviors so it never happens again.

At Project Pathfinder, we view a sexually abusive act as an interpersonal violation and as a symptom of underlying psychosocial dysfunction. In adults, the commission of a sexual offense is not an accident; it is the result of a decision to offend. Those engaging in abusive behavior are expected to admit responsibility for the offense and its consequences, and make changes to stop the abusive cycle.

In children and youth, sexually abusive behavior is viewed as a symptom of underlying emotional, relational, or environmental stress.

We work with our clients to develop effective behavior management skills and to resolve the underlying issues that allowed the offense to happen. We emphasize developing meaningful and rewarding interpersonal relationships and a socially healthy and appropriate lifestyle.

As an agency, we view treatment in a holistic context. Our therapeutic process addresses the client’s total needs – psychological, social, physical, and spiritual.