Outpatient Program

The sex offender treatment program is an intensive outpatient experience including orientation, weekly group therapy, bimonthly individual therapy and aftercare. Family and couples counseling may be included as appropriate.  Treatment planning is individualized according to client need.


The Intake Department provides clients and referring parties accurate and timely assistance during their initial contact with Project Pathfinder. This department is responsible for overseeing a client’s transition into treatment services or institutional setting.


The Orientation phase of treatment consists of four units, each standing alone and presenting information vital for clients beginning the Project Pathfinder program.

Group Therapy

Project Pathfinder currently runs more than 30 groups in six locations. In addition to standard treatment groups there are several specialized groups.

Standard Treatment Group

This group generally consists of eight clients and two therapists, one male, one female. Goal work and specific assignments are individualized according to client need.

EQ Group

EQ Group is intended for clients who need treatment presented more slowly, deliberately and in a concrete manner to aid in concept understanding.  This group is for those with difficulty processing abstract information or with concept formation: language deficits; impaired social interactions; and/or have a history of learning disabilities.

Healthy Sexuality And Safe Boundries Group (co-ed)

HSSB meets the needs of those low or at risk adults with violations of privacy, sexual harrassment, or other sexual boundry issues. This is a closed 20 week psych0-education /therapeutic group.

Behavior Management Group

Behavior Management Group is designed for individuals with a history of impulsive, compulsive, or addictive sexual behavior.

Women’s Group

Project Pathfinder has a specialized group that deals with women who have offended sexually.

High Intensity Path

Focuses on the needs of the highest risk population who typically have an extensive criminal history and embedded patterns of offending and abusive behaviors.

Spanish Speaking Group

Project Pathfinder has a group conducted in Spanish for those clients more articulate in Spanish than English.

Hmong Group

Designed to be culturally aware and facilitated with an interpreter.

Couples Group

Additional group to support the family.