Training/Outreach Education

Community Engagement Program (CEP)

The CEP was developed in response to inquiries from Project Pathfinder partners requesting specific trainings. The CEP brings together new and existing partners to evaluate community conditions, identify issues and propose solutions. New trainings will be developed as the program is implemented, becomes more established and gains new partners.

The goal of the CEP is to accomplish long-term enhancement of community safety and assist in crime prevention efforts through community engagement and education, in conjunction with prevention education around the topic of sexual abuse.

Community Engagement Program Trainings

Sponsor Training – Project Pathfinder provides training to volunteers who sponsor an individual accused and/or convicted of a sexual offense in order to support him/her to meet goals during treatment and maintain healthy sexual behavior after treatment is completed.

Supervisor Training – Project Pathfinder provides training to individuals who volunteer to act as supervisor to a friend or family member accused and/or convicted of a sexual offense in order that the individual may participate in family or community events. This training is offered for families/friends of Project Pathfinder clients and to clients referred from other sexual offender treatment programs. Supervision contracts outlining individual expectations are developed and reviewed pre and post contact.

Inner Circle Program – Individuals impacted by sexual abuse who are not the direct/primary victim of the abuse participate in this group.  This may include parents, spouses, children, friends or support persons of an offender.  Participants are given the skills to implement positive coping strategies and will be able to recognize warning signs of heightened risk and demonstrate willingness to intervene, seeking additional assistance as needed.

Monthly Staff In-services – Trainings offered within organizations/agencies to clinical staff to enhance ongoing professional development and assist in meeting Continuing Education Units (CEUs) requirements to maintain certification.

New Training Sessions

Healthy Sexuality – A didactic course in healthy sexuality offered to Project Pathfinder clients and the general public.

Sex 101: Rules and Boundaries of Healthy Sexuality –  A psycho-educational training providing education and information regarding laws/rules of consent and how to engage in healthy and informed sexual decision making.

Additional training and consulting services will be developed as requested and as needs are identified.